Lessons Learned Report

From March to December 2022, a dozen teams from across the country – made up of leaders from across intermediary organizations, K-12, higher education, the workforce, and student-serving organizations – came together to form the Accelerate ED regional accelerator. Over the course of the nine-month design sprint, each team engaged in a process facilitated by Education Strategy Group (ESG) to create a Blueprint for expanding access to accelerated pathways to credentials for high school students, particularly students of color and students experiencing poverty.

This report details the lessons from the regional accelerator – as well as other leading states and communities – on strategies for successfully scaling accelerated pathway programs. This includes developing equity-driven programs with intentionally sequenced coursework, work-based learning opportunities, and targeted advising and student supports; identifying a set of key enabling conditions around policy, funding, and data that are necessary for scaling these programs; and building the capacity of intermediary organizations and partner organizations to foster alignment across systems.

Ultimately, with the right partners, a unified vision, and a plan for scale, the national movement around accelerated pathways to credentials has the potential to create seamless transitions for students from high school to college and beyond.

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