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By creating a P-TECH model that is focused on a culture of belonging and has sustainable funding through completion, we will increase the number of Black and Hispanic students and those from low-income households enrolling and completing a postsecondary credential through P-TECH partnerships, which will increase the economic mobility for young adult and families in poverty in the Austin area.


Building on its existing P-TECH model, the Texas design team is developing a blueprint for how all P-TECH high schools across the state can offer a sustainable and fully funded 13th year associate's degree, identifying key policy and funding conditions to enable greater scale within the region and statewide.

Organizations / Entities Represented on Design Team

E3 Alliance

Four Independent School Districts, including:
Austin ISD, Del Valle ISD, Elgin ISD, Manor ISD

Austin Community College District

Workforce Solutions of the Capital Area

Student Voice

I feel like keeping the end goal in mind has been what has pushed me to this point. I started with the idea that I would graduate with college credit and that has continued to motivate me along the way.

- P-TECH Student


The Texas design team's model expands upon the state's existing P-TECH blueprint by shifting to an overt commitment to the student and family understanding of P-TECH as a model “to completion” of an industry-aligned credential, incorporating the 13th year of enrollment with minimal to no transition impact. This includes the addition of policy and funding structures to promote improved sustainability, integration of proximate voices in program design and implementation, refining the roles of sector partners, and guaranteeing expanded academic and navigational support in the 13th year.

The team plans to bolster student success through the development of a strong cohort experience for students, so that they and their families are deeply immersed in a collective sense of belonging and have a higher sense of efficacy in understanding the resources and supports available to aid them in their success—that are available through the P-TECH experience.

Building on the existing momentum around the P-TECH model, Texas is focusing on increasing awareness and understanding among families by developing timely and strategic messaging that highlights the value of these options for students' future. In addition, they are working to ensure that counselors and advisors—who are trusted sources of information for families—as well as other campus staff are trained on authentically engaging students and families as early as middle school, with ongoing opportunities and support through high school.

Texas: Accelerate ED Blueprint Presentation

The Texas design team's presentation at the Nov. 2022 Accelerate ED convening.