Delgado Community College

New Orleans, LA

Biological Technician

IT (Game Developer and Information Security & Assurance)

Licensed Practical Nursing


Empowering students and families through a comprehensive ecosystem that promotes dual enrollment as a core educational option, supported by clear and accessible information, multilingual resources, and policies that eliminate barriers, ultimately fostering a culture of expectation and tangible systems change, all driven by data-supported initiatives.


Education Design Lab's Designers in Residence 2.0 brings together postsecondary leaders to build and enhance their regional ecosystem teams to design and activate accelerated guided pathways. These leaders are working to build their capacity to serve as regional transformation agents to align K-12, postsecondary, and workforce ecosystems.

Organizations / Entities Represented on Design Team

Delgado Community College administrators, staff, and faculty

Chancellor's Office

YouthForce NOLA

State Representatives

High School Students