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Pathways for Accelerated College and Career Experience (PACCE) is a student-centered program that prioritizes serving and supporting students on an academic pathway by engaging families and providing supportive resources to students. PACCE focuses on 13th Year choices to help students achieve their college and career goals.


The Ohio design team is working to scale existing, in-demand, integrated industry sector pathways using dual enrollment (College Credit Plus or CCP) so students earn 30 hours of postsecondary credit by 12th grade. This gives students an automatic acceptance into a 13th year to complete an associate degree and guaranteed acceptance to a four-year university to complete a bachelor's degree.

Organizations / Entities Represented on Design Team

Learn to Earn Dayton

Dayton Public Schools

Kettering City Schools

Ohio Department of Higher Education

Sinclair Community College

Central State University

Wright State University

Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

Montgomery County Educational Service Center

Ohio Department of Education

Ohio Mayors Alliance

Dayton Development Coalition

Omega CDC

Student Voice

Career pathways allow students to explore different possibilities for their future careers that they may not get the chance to with the standard academic curriculum. We don’t know what we don’t know, meaning students can’t possibly prepare for the new up-and-coming, in-demand careers if they aren’t aware that they even exist.

- High School Senior


The Ohio design team placed a particular emphasis on listening to parent and family voices as a core part of its design process. As a result of what they heard from parents, the team plans to train “parent champions” who can help spread the word about the options available to students to earn college credit; support parents' ability to guide students themselves by offering a mix of in-person and online training, as well as a regional resource website; and, build more career exploration and exposure for students in K-8th grades so students better understand their interests, aptitudes, and how they relate to college and career plans.

PACCE Navigators will shepherd students through pathways, helping them make the right decisions based on their individual ambitions, which will include career exploration, course selection, work-based learning experiences, and goal setting. PACCE Navigators will be available to any student focused within the industry, but will target students based on the district’s targeted student population, connecting students with support they need. Students may end up switching course options, but they will be making informed decisions.

Career Experience Coordinators will map pre-identified competencies—the technical skills students will need to be successful in IT/computer science careers—back through Kindergarten, leveraging the state's Career Connections Framework and helping teachers build in career-connected experiences throughout elementary and middle school.

Ohio: Accelerate ED Blueprint Presentation

The Ohio design team's presentation at the Nov. 2022 Accelerate ED convening.