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To ensure that every young New Yorker reaches adulthood on a path to long-term economic security with the tools they need to build the lives they want.


The New York City design team is designing a strategy for NYC to build an infrastructure that enables equitable and effective early college programming for all students, including year 13 models. The team's work addresses institutional and regulatory barriers to the scaling and effectiveness of early college/career pathways programming.

Organizations / Entities Represented on Design Team

The Fund for Public Schools

The New York City Department of Education

The City University of New York

The Mayor’s Office of Youth Employment

The Partnership for New York City

ExpandED Schools


Student Voice

I felt more prepared for college and my career path because these exposure opportunities sharpened my motivation, determination, and confidence to realize my passion, while giving me the sense of what it would take for me to reach my ultimate career goal.

- High School Student


The New York City team plans to address operational barriers, which have proven to be a major access challenge for many students, by creating a playbook for schools to offer more school-day dual credit courses using existing strategies, with regular updates to expand models/resources and communicate it via summer institutes for principals. They will also explore opportunities with stakeholders to enable more dual credit to happen during the day.

At a local level, the team will continue to expand on student pathways work, including FutureReadyNYC, the signature pathways initiative that is growing access to career-connected early college credit and work-based learning experiences for students across the city.

At the policy level, the team is exploring solutions to expand dual credit access, including a call to action for elevating dual credit programs and work-based learning, and working with others across the city and state.

New York City: Accelerate ED Blueprint Presentation

The New York City design team's presentation at the Nov. 2022 Accelerate ED convening.