Sonoma County


Sonoma County is designing integrated pathway models that enable students to see connections between individual passions and career aspirations and eliminate false choices between “college or career,” ensuring all students are placed on a course for readiness.


Over the next year, the team will be creating integrated pathway models that deliver rigorous academics and meaningful college credit within the context of high-wage, high-growth local careers for implementation beginning Fall 2024. Careful design work is needed to ensure early college credit earning opportunities are provided equitably and as part of a regular course of study as opposed to a system which offers dual enrollment only as a reward for high-achieving students. The team is focused on the redesign of education and health career pathways and is exploring dual enrollment options with both Santa Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State University. Learnings from this design process will inform and scale to redesign work in additional school sites and pathways. The team is led by CTE Foundation Sonoma County, the education to workforce intermediary in Sonoma County, CA.