East Los Angeles College

Monterey Park, CA

Child Development Teacher Pathway


To establish a comprehensive, equitable and student center dual enrollment system that provides accessible pathways from middle school through college, including work-based learning opportunities, emphasizing the benefits and diverse outcomes. This system will cater to various career aspirations, offering flexible modalities of dual enrollment to ensure that all students regardless of their background, have the opportunity to pursue higher education, career goals and personal growth.


Education Design Lab's Designers in Residence 2.0 brings together postsecondary leaders to build and enhance their regional ecosystem teams to design and activate accelerated guided pathways. These leaders are working to build their capacity to serve as regional transformation agents to align K-12, postsecondary, and workforce ecosystems.

Organizations / Entities Represented on Design Team

East Los Angeles Staff and Administrators

Montebello School District

Career Ladders Project

High School Students and Parents